Let's take care of you.

At the heart of my practice, I want to help people from all walks of life achieve
wellness that makes their lives easier and more enjoyable to live. To that end,
I've put together some ways to make acupuncture an easier "yes."


For Hospitality Workers in Southern Maine

Package of 3 acupuncture sessions for $150! Having been a long time waitress in Ogunquit, I know firsthand how much the busy summer can induce havoc on your body (and mind). Come and explore the benefits of acupuncture, and relieve some pain in your body at the same time.



Vinyasa yoga with a Chinese medicine flare- sessions will run for 8 weeks and yogis will be separated by age in order for the sessions to work more in-depthly with what people need at different stages in their life. The first session will begin in August, email me for more information!


Traveler Discount

I want acupuncture to be affordable for everyone, and I know how expensive vacations can be. Email me about discounts if you’re traveling from out of town.