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As a person who is deeply passionate about holistic wellness,
I often partner with other experts for events that make physical, mental, and spiritual health
fun and engaging. Be sure to sign up to hear about these events before anyone else!

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Below are descriptions of some of the past events I've been able to participate in. If you are interested in coordinating with me for a similar event with your practice, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! You can also see what events are coming up by visiting my events page.

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Yoga and Acupuncture in boston

This two-hour event was a safe space for women who love yoga to be introduced to acupuncture. The points used after the yoga workshop were designated for their effects to reduce stress and promote circulation.

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Acupuncture talk and demo

This event was coordinated with Elemental Energies to introduce the curious but timid to the premise of acupuncture as an ancient, scientifically-tested, and natural treatment.